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General Terms & Conditions

  1. Applicability of the terms


  1. These terms and conditions apply to the treatment agreement between the client and Aurore Counseling counselors (hereafter referred to as Aurore Counseling).

  2. In case a situation should arise between client and Aurore Counseling that is not covered by the terms and conditions, or if there is any uncertainty about the explanation of these terms, then this situation must be assessed in the spirit of these terms and conditions.

  3. If any of these Terms and Conditions are considered invalid, the remaining terms and conditions will continue to be valid.


2. The agreement


  1. Aurore Counseling offers a health care treatment plan that complies with the professional standards and is based on the consultation between Aurore Counseling and the client.

  2. The agreement between Aurore Counseling and client will only be made if: (a) the client has announced that he wishes to enter into the agreement and (b) Aurore Counseling is reasonably of the opinion that the client's request for assistance, based on the possibilities offered by Aurore Counseling, can be met. In that case, the client will be notified as soon as possible. Aurore Counseling is not liable for compensation for costs or damage due to failure to participate in treatment.

  3. If adjustment of the treatment plan is necessary, consultations will be held between Aurore Counseling and client, unless immediate adjustment is deemed necessary to avoid serious damage to the client. In that case, Aurore Counseling and client consultations will take place as soon as possible after the adjustment.

  4. The agreement is valid during the treatment agreement.


3. Termination of the agreement


  1. The agreement ends: (a) With the agreement of both parties; (b) Following a one-sided termination of the agreement by the client or following a one-sided termination by Aurore Counseling in accordance with the provisions of Article 4; (c) On transfer to another health care institution; (d) If there is no longer a medical indication for the treatment e) Client's death.


4. Termination of the agreement by Aurore Counseling


  1. Aurore Counseling is entitled to terminate the treatment agreement If there are weighty reasons to do so. Aurore Counseling will act in accordance with the Dutch guideline ‘Niet-aangaan of beëindiging van de geneeskundige behandelingsovereenkomst’ if it concerns a treatment within the scope of the Wet op de Geneeskundige Behandelingsovereenkomst (Wgbo). Aurore Counseling has the right to terminate the agreement in according with that guideline, and in any case, but not exclusively, in the following cases:

  2. Client fails to fulfill his responsibilities as described in the agreement;

  3. Client commits crimes of such a serious nature that clearly affect the relationship with the treatment providers, that the agreement can no longer be reasonably expected to continue by Aurore Counseling;

  4. If the client's demand for care and/or treatment changes to such an extent that Aurore Counseling cannot reasonably be expected to continue the agreement;

  5. Aurore Counseling has not heard from a client for a certain period of time during the treatment. The length of this period is recorded in the treatment agreement at the start of treatment;

  6. The invoices for the provided care are not paid.


5. Care and principles


  1. All services provided by Aurore Counseling are performed to the best of our abilities. Aurore Counseling counselors works in accordance with the WKKGZ, BIG, WGBO, AVG and Quality Law Care Providers Act. The client is responsible for the choices made at all times.

  2. Aurore Counseling counselors treats the client with respect.


6. Quality


  1. The client will receive the most appropriate guidance from Aurore Counseling to achieve the agreed upon set goals, without guaranteeing the result. These results will also very much depend on the cooperation of the client.

  2. Before the agreement is reached, thorough information is provided regarding the rights and obligations of both parties, the form, duration and content of the care as well as the costs of the treatment.

  3. The care to be delivered and progress of the treatment will be evaluated on a regular basis.

  4. Aurore Counseling is free, without giving due cause, to provide another care provider within the organization without compromising on the quality of care. This takes into account the client's interest at all times.


7. Obligations of the client


  1. The client is obliged to provide all the details and documents, in a timely manner, in the desired format as required by Aurore Counseling for the proper implementation of the agreement.

  2. The client is obliged to inform Aurore Counseling of facts and circumstances that may influence or be important for the proper execution of the agreement.

  3. The client is responsible for the accuracy, completeness and reliability of the data and documents provided to Aurore Counseling.

  4. Aurore Counseling expects the client to follow reasonable advice and to act in accordance with the agreements over the course of a treatment.

8. Records, confidentiality and privacy


  1. Aurore Counseling keeps records of the provided care.

  2. The information provided by the client is treated as confidential. This will only be used in so far as is required for a proper execution of the agreement.

  3. The client is entitled to access the documentation relating to her or his agreement. Perusal by the client or copying of the documentation will not be allowed if not allowing this is necessary in order to protect the privacy of others.

  4. Aurore Counseling, without the written consent of the client, provides no (insight into) data about the client to third parties except in compliance with a legal obligation. Third parties do not mean those who are directly involved in the execution of the contract and the representation of the client, insofar as the disclosure of the data and inspection is necessary for the work and duties to be performed by them.

  5. Aurore Counseling is bound by confidentiality unless serious circumstances make disclosure imperative. This confidentiality continues to remain intact even after the termination of the contract is concluded with the client.

  6. After termination of the agreement, the documented documentation is kept for at least 15 years.


9. Liability


  1. The liability of Aurore Counseling towards the client is limited to the direct damage and the maximum compensation that the client / health insurance paid for the treatment, except when there is intentional of gross negligence on the side of Aurore Counseling. Aurore Counseling cannot be held liable for indirect damage and consequential damage.

  2. Aurore Counseling is not liable for any damage to third parties, for any reason, arising from conduct or actions by the client.

  3. The therapist does not give advice on decisions or changes in one's life. The therapist only supports the client's own process and client's own choices. The client is at all times responsible for his own choices, behaviors and the consequences thereof. The therapist is not responsible, let alone liable, for any decisions or changes made in the life of the client.


10. Rates and changes


  1. For the implementation of the agreed care, Aurore Counseling applies the rates set in the service price list to clients aged 18 years and older.

  2. Rates may be subject to changes

  3. Appointments can be canceled latest 24 hours in advance. Appointments that are not canceled at latest 24 hours in advance will be fully charged. Similarly no-show fee will be charged to the client. No show fees will not be reimbursed by (Dutch) health insurance companies



11. Payment and billing


  1. Aurore Counseling has chosen not to have contracts with health insurance companies which means that the insurance company can’t be billed directly by Aurore Counseling for the sessions provided to the clients. Therefore, clients will initially need to pay for the treatment themselves and provide our monthly invoice to their insurance company for (partial) reimbursement in accordance with their insurance package, as described in the treatment agreement.

  2. Because Aurore Counseling does not have contracts with health-insurance companies, there is a chance that the client will not get fully compensated for the costs of the treatment. The client has to cover those costs himself.

  3. If payment is not made within the payment period, a notice will be sent to the client, which should be considered as a default notice. In the absence of payment after the reasonable period stated in the notice, the client is in default and the outstanding amount will be outsourced to a debt collector. The default of the client is a failure to comply with the obligations under the agreement between the client and Aurore Counseling.

  4. The payment obligation for treatment rests with the client, regardless of whether or not the insurance company reimburses (part of) the costs for treatment to the client.


12. Complaints


  1. In case of a complaint by a client, Aurore Counseling will act in accordance with the Complaints Procedure.


13. Dutch law


  1. Each agreement between the client and Aurore Counseling is governed by Dutch law.

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